How to Ride a Dragonfly

Author: Kitty Donohoe
Illustrator: Anne Wilsdorf
Release Date: May 23, 2023

Debut Picture Book!

Like a laugh-out-loud spin on Thumbelina, this picture book stars an adventurous little girl who shrinks down to the size of a bug and takes a tour of the swamp on a dragonfly’s back.

Have you ever wanted to ride a dragonfly? Well, there’s one problem…You’re too big! Just make sure to follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic journey.

Step 1: Put a rose petal in your pocket at sunrise. But don’t forget: you must return by sunset or else you’ll stay shrunk!

Step 2: Pick a blade of grass and lasso the first dragonfly that buzzes by. We’ll call her Priscilla.

Step 3: Joust a bumblebee, groove to the Beetle Band, dine with fairies, and have an adventure. Watch out for the frogs! They love to eat dragonflies, and Priscilla looks quite tasty…

Oh dear! The sun is almost touching the mountains. Can you and Priscilla zip back in time before sunset?